Tuesday Mahjong

We had a great turn out this morning at MANZA House for our weekly Tuesday Mahjong followed by a delicious lunch at Botanica and Co at Alila, as we were farewelling one of our lovely ladies, Saeng, who is returning to Australia after several years in KL.

For more photos of our fun day click here!

So if you have a few hours to spare on a Tuesday and would like to meet some new friends, please come along to MANZA house – Mahjong is from 10.30am  to 12.30pm and everyone is welcome!

MANZA Dinner Club – 17th August 2019

Don’t forget to join us this Saturday night, 17th August, for a delicious feast of Vietnamese delicacies at our MANZA Dinner Club. Come along and meet new friends here in lovely Kuala Lumpur! To make your booking, please email: manzatourskl@gmail.com or call into our friendly office at MANZA House and Shirley will be happy to help with your booking.

MANZA Gala Circus Party – May 25th 2019 – Le Meridien Hotel

What a night we had at this year’s MANZA Circus Party! There were jugglers, clowns, stilt walkers and their antics got the party off to a great start! The atmosphere was electric with a great band, Rainstack, that kept us up on the dance floor wanting more, as well as a delicious buffet and free flow of beverages. The serving staff were excellent. We were honoured to have Their Excellencies, The High Commissioners from both Australia and New Zealand attend our Circus Party, and the three national anthems of Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand were sung a capella by the very talented Sandra Mannas Wolf!

We would like to thank our very generous sponsors for the night: Le Meridien, Eastern Carpets, Air Asia, Blue Star AMG, Mandara Spa, Toni and Guy, The Social, Asian Tigers and The Red Hog.

There were many happy winners when the raffle was drawn towards the end of the evening!

We all headed home late, happy and satiated!

To see more photos of this fun night, please click here: https://www.manza.org/manza-gala-circus-party-at-le-meridien-saturday-25th-may-2019/

MANZA Charities update

Rohingya Women Development Network (RWDN)  Sewing Project

RWDN Project Objective:

The main aim of the proposed project is to empower Rohingya Child Brides and women that come from an entrenched patriarchal community by building and enhancing their sewing skills to enable them to generate income and equally support the livelihood of their children and family.

RWDN Sewing Project:

In  August 2018, MANZA donated  RM 4,500.00 to supplement the Rohingya

Women Development Network (RWDN) Sewing Project. The funds are to be utilised for the fees of the trainers, rent of space at RWDN office, interpreters and sewing materials and supplies for 15 Rohingya women and girls, over the course of four (4) months.

The project began in October 2018, and the first two classes of the Sewing Project focused on teaching the women and girls the basics of sewing where they repeatedly practised how to make straight lines and stitches. In the third and fourth class, the students advanced to learning how to attach zippers to fabric and making clutches with zippers.

A slight adjustment had to be done to the sewing project due to an urgent demand from another funder to train the women on  sewing a stuffed toy called Rohi to be used to tell stories of Rohingya people. Income from the sale of the stuffed toys would be able to generate funds for the women and RWDN. NASHPOTATOES decided to incorporate the sewing training in the sewing project between 23 December – 11 February (Four classes in total), where the women learned how to make sewing patterns, cut the patterns and replicate the process on felt fabric, stuff the fabrics and sew them into stuffed toy characters.

As a result, the sewing project will continue in the month of April where the women will be learning how to make their own traditional wear in preparation for Eid Al- Fitr in June. The training will be conducted by a local tailor who will come in four times a month. We are hoping the women will be encouraged to participate in this project as they will be making an outfit for themselves first.

The sewing products that the women and girls have mastered between October 2018- January 2019 include:

  1. Pouch with zipper. 2. Hair scrunchie. 3. Stuffed Toy- Rohi.

And the products that the women and girls will master by May 2019 is traditional wear.

Manza Dinner Club

The MANZA Dinner Club is held on the 3rd Saturday evening of each month at a variety of locations in Kuala Lumpur and surrounds.

The group aims to try a different restaurant every month. Choices range from 5-star dining establishments to popular local restaurants.  Members can choose which events they would like to attend and which fit in with their busy schedules.  Come and meet new friends in a relaxing environment.

Payment works on a simple number system. Each individual or couple receives a number card on arrival to place beside their plate(s). Wait staff charge all menu and bar items ordered to the particular number and then prepare individual bills, with each dinner guest only responsible only for his or her own costs.

There’s also a charitable donation request of RM10 per person at each meal with all proceeds going to our designated MANZA Charities.

Recommendations for new venues are greatly appreciated by the Dinner Club orgainser, and all will be considered. To join the mailing list to receive notification of monthly meal details, drop an email to manzadinnerclub@gmail.com or contact MANZA House.