MANZA Magazine

The MANZA Magazine is distributed to all Manza members as part of their membership.  Members receive 10 copies per year.  The magazine consists of many stories and articles of interest to our members including happenings in Malaysia, messages from our President as well as from the Australian or New Zealand High Commissioner, member contributed stories on travel experiences or on life in KL.

Looking for contributions

If you would like to submit an article and/or photographs for inclusion in the MANZA Magazine on anything you believe our readers would find interesting, please email it to the Magazine Team at  [email protected].

Ideas for articles include:

  • A book, film or restaurant review
  • An account of a recent outing, holiday, event or experience
  • Your favorite recipes
  • Share your area of expertise, could be job related, a sport or a hobby

Deadline is the 25th of two months prior to the issue. For example, the 25th February for the April issue and the 25th March for the May issue. Photos must be “high resolution” (500Kb or above). Be sure to attach them to an email – don’t paste them in your document.


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