Manza Charities and Crown Relocation work together for RKKA children

A big MANZA “thank you” to Kathy Richards who generously donated a fantastic wonderful great big sofa for one of our MANZA charities. As it happened, Rumah Kanak Kanak Angels (RKKA) has had “new sofa” on their wish list for a long, long time and were very happy indeed to accept this new (if slightly second hand) sofa.

And how, exactly, would MANZA get said fantastic wonderful great big sofa to Rumah Kanak Kanak Angels? Hmmmmm. Well, advertiser and supporter Crown Relocation to the rescue!

Penwiona Lee, on behalf of Crown Relocation, provided the truck for both the pickup and delivery of the sofa. Penwiona also graciously took some photos for us and reported that, although all the children at Angels were at school when the sofa arrived, Belinda (of RKKA) commented that, at last “the children would finally have a comfortable sofa to sit on!”

In fact, they’re now enjoying their brand new, slightly used, fantastic wonderful great big sofa as you read this article.

So thanks to Kathy, the good folks at Crown Relocation and to our newest staff photographer, Penwiona, from all the kids at RKKA!