MANZA Changi Cup – Warriors versus Singapore Wombats AFL Matches

MANZA were the proud sponsors of the MANZA Changi Cup pitting the KL Warriors against the Wombats from Singapore on Saturday 3rd August.

The matches were played at The Sports Centre at Desa Park City and the morning started with training for the energetic, talented and enthusiastic young Auskickers. However the weather gods had their own plan and with lightning and thunder as well as torrential rain pouring down on the pitch we all took shelter for an hour or so until the storm had subsided. We were left with a very muddy pitch and the little ones had a wonderful time “jumping in muddy puddles” to quote Peppa Pig!

The Wombats flew in from Singapore but were held up in a very busy Malaysian Immigration at KLIA, but finally arrived and the ladies’ match was able to start, although somewhat late. It was the Singapore ladies’ first match as a team and they did a stirling job but the Warriors proved too strong and it was the KL team that took the match.

The mens’ match was very exciting with a plethora of goals, as well as plenty of entertainment for the onlookers as the players slippped and slid in the mud with every tackle on the very wet pitch. Whilst the scoring was neck and neck in the first quarter, the Singapore Wombats started to pull away and were the well deserved winners of the MANZA Changi Cup when the final whistle blew.

It was obvious everyone had enjoyed the day as stories were regaled over cold beverages and pizza to wind up a great day of exercise, sportsmanship and plans for another exciting contest next year.