Help us help The Reading Room

Over the past years, MANZA has worked with a number of charities endeavouring to make a difference to people’s lives. One of the charities has been The Reading Room, located in Kajang. The Reading Room is run by an amazing woman called Susie Devaki and she has asked us if we can put a message out to our members as they are in a fairly dire state due to COVID and the effect that this has had on their fund-raising abilities which supports their ongoing needs.

Unfortunately due to our own circumstances in MANZA, we are not currently able to provide financial support, as we were doing, but hopefully that will change as 2021 progresses.

For those who aren’t aware of what Susie does at The Reading Room, the facility focuses on caring for local children before and after school whose parents work or are marginalised in caring for them in some way. Children receive additional tuition – as they would generally attend daily school, and a daily meal. However, since March last year, they have been bringing students to the centre to help them to do their school work – online classes – and provide food. They are then sent back early in the afternoon and the centre brings another group of students who stay until later in the day. Due to the current restrictions, they are bringing in 10 students for 2 hours and they are socially distanced whilst there studying. They are currently trying to cover 40 students a day which is almost half the number they would generally assist, and this is of course due to the COVID restrictions however, lack of funds is a major concern.

Following is a list of monthly requirements so that The Reading Room can continue to operate. Food items are a priority however equally important are financial donations. If anyone can assist with food items or with financial donations, no matter how large or small, it would be gratefully appreciated.

Rent: RM850 pm
Food costs amount to RM1,800 pm (see list below of food items)
Transportation – this is collecting and transporting the students: RM700 pm
Bills: RM300 pm
Utilities: RM150 pm
Salaries: RM1,500 x 2 pm -= RM3,000 pm

To hopefully assist with gathering food donations ONLY and then taking them down to The Reading Room, we will be at MANZA House next WEDNESDAY 24th FEBRUARY 2021 between 10 am and 12 noon. Kindly note that non-perishable items can only be accepted. Please also note that SOP’s will be followed, so face masks, temperature taking and registration will be mandatory at MANZA. The list of food items required is quite extensive, so we have put below key items – again, that this list is the monthly requirements to feed the children:

Rice – 80 kg
Oil – 10 kg
Sugar – 10 kg
Milo – 15 kg pm
Fernleaf milk powder – 1.8 kg x 4
Dhaal – 5 kg
Evaporated milk – 5 tins
Condensed milk – 8 tins
Sardines – big tins
Flour – 6 kg
Babas fish powder, chicken curry powder, chilli powder – each 3 x 3 kg
Light and dark soy sauce – 3 large bottles each
Biscuit crackers – 1 big tin

If you are able to assist with a financial donation, below are the bank details for The Reading Room. There is also a contact number for Susie and her email address should you wish to contact her directly.

Business Name: Persatuan Kebajikan Kanak Kanak Kajang
Bank: CIMB
Acc No: 8600468573
Phone: +6012 628 0207 (Susie Devaki)
Email: [email protected]

On behalf of MANZA and The Reading Room, we thank you most sincerely for your generosity and if you can spread the word around to others about The Reading Room and the wonderful work they do, it would be appreciated. Perhaps some other sponsors may like to help them out too.